Reflecting on 2014

   This year we have been very fortunate and thankful for the additions to our G.R. Morgan work family. We have two great new employees who are learning more and more each day, as well as welcoming back family members to the  ranks who have many years of experience in our special trade.

  We have been thrilled to see and feel the economy springing back to life and keeping our business strong. We are so thankful for the opportunities to bring new energy and equipment to aged park spaces as well as be a part of brand new construction that will enrich communities all around Oregon and Washington.

  A big thank you to all our playground vendors, suppliers and subcontractors for enabling us to perform quality work throughout the year for numerous clients. We appreciate all the opportunities to expand our business connections as well as provide great customer service to our clients. 

   Here's a toast to a busy and profitable 2015! Best wishes for a wonderful new year. 


Posted on December 31, 2014 .